Sunday, 28 November 2010

Too cold to be glamorous!

Here's today's outfit.  As ever I've bought everything cheap on Ebay
Cream cashmere cardigan/dressing gown £50 on Ebay, 2008
Cream cashmere v neck £15 on Ebay, 2009
Cream wool and cashmere leggings by Joseph £20 on Ebay, 2000

It is freezing in London and I'm very disappointed we've had no snow yet, I'm like a big kid!  It's too cold to be glamorous today, even for me!  I've dug out my limited collection of knitwear and turned the heating up high.  For once in my life I'm dressing sensibly.  Don't worry it won't last long.

I had another massive lie-in after a lovely evening with my friend Phoebe.  The furthest I've been is to the corner shop and to a little studio opening in my street.

Right opposite my house Sue Whimster was holding an open studio showing her ceramics as part of Hidden Art in Hackney weekend.  Sue has a studio at the end of her garden where she makes all kinds of whimsical (no pun intended) stoneware ceramics which are full of character, most famously the English Bull Terriers.

Here are the garden walls leading to Sue's studio.  I love the shells

Fee - I know you're gonna love these!

English Bull Terrier, stoneware ceramic 30 x 25cm

Winter hare, stoneware ceramic 45 x 30cm

Polar bear money box

Bunny money boxes

Pig money box

A collection of dogs

I rather like these meerkats - the expressions are great

And The Actor and I are very partial to a boiled egg so I always like interesting eggcups

I think these are really cute

Sue sells at lots of shops and galleries

I've seen these in Bordello in Shoreditch.  The Actor will like these

For more info on Sue's work go to

When I got home I realised that I'd forgotten to bring my poor money tree in from my terrace during the cold spell.  I'm not at all green fingered but I do know they don't like frost.  It was the picture of health yesterday, unless I'd just mistaken it for being frozen.  I had it by the radiator until I called my dad and he said that the heat would shock it so I must put it on the kitchen windowsill and keep it dry and see if it recovers.  Fingers crossed the poor thing does.  I hate killing anything.  Does anyone have any tips on reviving my lovely plant?

Here's my TV dinner delivered by my local Japanese restaurant:

Miso soup
Edamame beans
Chicken Gyoza dumplings
King prawn Yakitori

On Friday night I watched almost the whole of The Only Way Is Essex back to back, and loved it... for all the wrong reasons!  Tonight's viewing - Strictly (I'm sorry Patsy's gone), X Factor (so yawn now but I'm delighted that Wagner has finally been voted out).  I'm loving I'm a Celebrity and Any Human Heart.  I've been recording lots of films on Sky recently, I rarely go to the cinema so I always see everything ages after everyone else.  I may watch one of these later, has anyone seen them already?

I love Meryl Streep and anything to do with food so I hope I like this

I grew up very near to Keats house in Hampstead and I've been wanting to see Jane Campion's film about his three year love affair with Fanny Brawne for ages.

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend xxx


Emily said...

That outfit is to die for!

West Hollywood Voyeur said...

I Hated Julie and Julia...I know it's Meryl, but Amy Adams drove me NUTS in this. Something about her character is so annoying!!! I loved her in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Great art deco costumes and interiors...see that one instead of Julia ( laughing) anyway .... I put a link to you on my site...on the right side under friends/ links. Hope you like it! Really cold in Hollywood too!! Stay warm and kind!

legend in his own lunchtime said...

Your Dad's right. Put it in the window with plenty of light.
Warm woolies and hot toddies in front of the fire.
Stay warm Christina.

Helga! said...

Yay,you're in the over 40 club too!!
I loved Julie & Julia,took G's Mum to it,and loved it so much I took G to it,and HE loved it! Bon appetit!!
Not green fingered either! Anything that lives around here is due to G!! But I'm the one who loves plants around the house!!
Gawd,that potter chick is clever,love all the crazy critters,especially the meercats!
I try dressing sensibly at least twice every winter and get fecked off with it really fast! I don't imagine it'll last long for you either!!

Vintage Vixen said...

Dear Christina, that gallery at the end of your street looks so magical and inviting with those pretty lights and shell mosaics and the creations are wonderful. Those egg cups are so quirky and I love the hares.
I'm terrible with houseplants, we always put ours outside to enjoy the summer and then forget about them until it's too late. Doesn't a glass of water with a disolved aspirin help perk them up a little?
The outfits look wonderful snuggly. It's nights like last night when I wish I could embrace woollies. I just end up looking like the Michelin man by wearing the entire contents of my wardrobe. xxx

sacramento said...

i AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that we are officially followers now.Love your post and you are going straight to my blogroll so I do not miss any of your coming posts.
Un abrazo my new friend.

Penny Dreadful said...

Miso soup, YUM. It has been horridly cold, hasn't it. I've mostly been wearing the snuggly robe Mr D ave me for my birthday, it is my new favourite thing.

We went to the cinema to see Bright Star, I don't think the chemistry between the two leads was there but it was still very enjoyable. We went to see it at the Everyman in Hampstead and walked home past Keats house which gave me one of those moments of feeling very grateful to live in London.

Penny Dreadful said...

Miso soup, YUM. It has been horridly cold, hasn't it. I've mostly been wearing the snuggly robe Mr D gave me for my birthday, it is my new favourite thing.

We went to the cinema to see Bright Star, I don't think the chemistry between the two leads was there but it was still very enjoyable. We went to see it at the Everyman in Hampstead and walked home past Keats house which gave me one of those moments of feeling very grateful to live in London.

ps Meant to say in my last comment, I'd love to come and see Fee's studio with you sometime xx

LouBoo said...

Hello sweet - love this commentary of your day. I have 'Julia and Julia' taped (that shows my VHS era age; what I should say is 'sky-plused) so may watch that tonight. As for your plant - hmmm - best I can suggest is a kiss, a drink and a warm place? Then hope for the best. I can only grow orchids - and they are virtually indestructable. Lou xx

Dash said...

Hi Christina, your outfit is gorgeous just what you need when it's freezing outside.
You are so lucky having access to wonderful art on your doorstep, normally I am not a great ceramic fan but Sue's work is fabulous, especially the dogs I wonder if she would do a Crusoe!
I am feeling somewhat fragile after a very excessive Saturday night dinner party with friends, spent all day yesterday in the recovery position on the sofa watching the box, still feel delicate today, just can't cope with excessive evenings anymore!
Yes your succulent needs plenty of light and don't water it when it's inside, we have a giant one that comes in every winter, last winter MG continued to water it, result all it's leaves fell off but with tlc and no more water it made a full recovery.

Blimey that was an epic comment! Hope you have a lovely week.

Alex said...

Isn't it FREEZING at the moment?? I've got cashmere socks on and still can't feel my toes :(

Oh bugger, I haven't caught up with the last fortnight of Strictly so didn't know about Patsy. Such a shame - she was getting really good. I haven't seen either of those films yet but Bright Star is in my to watch pile.

ps - no help with plants I'm afraid! I nearly murdered a treasured bonsai when housesitting for a friend by overwatering. Well, she said to water it every two days! I maintain innocence.

Alison Cross said...

I cannot help with the jade plant seeing as how I've got a collection of dead plants in pots that I rescued from a garden centre weeks ago - with the view to planting them out. I am utterly fucking useless in the garden.

Glamour in the cold - you would look glamorous in a bin bag. Am insanely jealous ;-)

The ceramics are absolutely wonderful!! I tried her website but it says that it's currently suspended? I must get some of her stuff - love it all and just hope that it's within my price range :-)

Thanks for the e-mail the other day, really appreciated it :-)

Written my 50k - so am back on the blogs from here on in!

Ali x

Make Do Style said...

How frigging cold!

Snow tomorrow for London apparently.

Bright Star is great, the other Julia/Julie thing not so good.

Love the ceramic hare!


Belle de Ville said...

Those ceramic animals are adorable. If I had a cute country house, I would like to have a whole menagerie of them.

Now that I'm reading about how cold it is in the UK and France, I'm not so miserable about the fact that it is 50 degrees and sunny here...which is akin to freezing in Beverly Hills!
Stay warm.

Gen said...

It´s pretty cold even in Spain today. The ceramic animals are great. This bunch of meerkats are fantastic.

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-glad to hear you're keeping warm, stylish and snug and the ceramics are just so cute, I really love the bull terrier and range of egg cups! Hope your plant pulls through too! xx

Smashingbird said...

I love the ceramics and the shells - very cool! I watched Julie & Julia but wasn't tooo impressed - Meryl Streep is fantastic of course, worth watching just for her.

Wildernesschic said...

Loving the gallery stuff especially the meerkats I love them.. oh and the egg cups so clever.
Tina it is -15 here !! Darren was logging today left his gloves in the shed and they froze within an hour.. I am still only making it from the bed to the sofa, fever gone but really still weak and barking. Luckily I do not have to go anywhere. I think we are due more snow, we still have the last lot about three inches ... I hate it xx

Wildernesschic said...

PS my plant has recovered on the windowsill water little and often plenty of light xx

Jill said...

I love jade plants. I have a huge one with a red least it was huge last year! I forgot to bring it in and it froze. I lost half of it! But, this year it has recovered and looks great...and I remembered to bring it in! You may lose some of yours, but most will probably flourish in a warm place.

Love, love, love the shell mosaic-work!

MilaneseGAL said...

Hi ! Love this post and the white ceramic animals of Sue. I already went on her web site, Good ideas of Xmas gifts. Pretty cold in Milano too.... Stay warm under a pile of cashmere ! J&J great sweet movie, perfect for a blogger! I enjoyed it.

Fashionistable said...

Sorry I have been absent. It is a bit manic over here. I cant believe what I resort to clothing wise when it gets really cold. I sometimes catch my self and say Oh God stop you can't seriously be wearing that. I don't function too well on many levels in the cold.
I am glad Wagner has gone at long last. Sorry Patsy has gone too, time for Anne to leave. The ceramics are amazing and fun. I will check out the link. I have seen both these films. Both good. I watch a lot of movies. The joy of Love film. Xxxx

Simone said...

Love all the ceramics, brilliant!!

I was sorry to see Patsy go too, should have been Gavin - or Ann, I cannot bear her. I definitely feel like Craig does about her.

X-Factor - boring, yes!

I am the only person I know who hated "Julie and Julia" - both characters drove me nuts even tho I love Meryl Streep!

I loved "Bright Star"....a gorgeous film.

Hope you are keeping warm! xx

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Emily, thank you! It's rare I get out anything knitted. Hope you're good xx

Dear WHF, that's a shame! I loved the costumes and sets in Pettigrew too. Thank you, you are on mine too. I didn't realise it was so cold in Hollywood at the mo! Stay warm too xx

Dear Legend, I've done that and balanced it's branches up on soup cans! It looks ridiculous and a bit soggy poor thing. Dad said give it 48 hours before pruning it. Hot toddies sound good, hope everything's cool with you xx

Dear Helga, yes 42 in January! I don't care it's only a number.

Yes the meerkats are great!

Sensible dressing has lasted ONE day. That's it! You're right xx

Dear Vix, I have plenty of places to take you when you come down.

I'll try the aspirin. I'm totally crap with plants. This one was so healthy I'll feel awful if it dies.

I'm not a knitwear person at all but it was just too cold yesterday xx

Dear Sacramento, you too! I will add you as well. Love your style xx

Dear Margaret, I'm addicted to Miso soup. Your robes sounds great. I didn't end up watching either film but will this week. Yes, let's sort out a date to go to the studio xx

Dear Lou, I keep saying taped too and everyone takes the piss!

A boyfriend bought me a huge and fabulous orchid in a giant pot years ago and I managed to finish that off too! xx

Dear Dash, if you drop Sue a line with a photo I'm sure she'd do Crusoe for you. That would be lovely!

Thanks so much for the tips. I will follow them and hope for the best.

It gets harder and harder to recover from big nights. I'm worrying about mid December, I have something every night until Christmas. I will have to swerve a few things! xx

Dear Alex, I've barely been out although I am jealous of your snow!

Bright Star looks like something I will really enjoy and I love Jane Campion.

Ditto. Wish I could master house plants! xx

Dear Ali, that's so funny and you're very kind.

I'll give Sue a call tomorrow about the website, I've added her email and can give you her number if you need it.

I will reply and congratulations on finishing it! I know it will be brilliant xx

Dear Kate, I'm still waiting for the snow, we've just had some sleet/fine rain but still nothing!

A lot of people have said the same. I had high hopes for something starring Meryl Streep, shame xx

Dear Belle, they're perfect for that type of house.

50 degrees would be warm in London! xx

Dear Gen, oh I would love your weather! Aren't they gorgeous, thank you for stopping by xx

Dear Sharon, ah thank you! I really hope my plant lives too xx

Dear Becka, aren't the shells gorgeous? I will give the film a go, thank you xx

Dear Ruth, oh my God! That is SO cold! I will ring you this week for a catch up. Jade plant is on the windowsill looking sorry for itself. I've had a chat with it but it's not worked as yet xx

Dear Jill, I'm hoping I haven't killed it completely but I think I'll lose it's leaves.

They're lovely aren't they? xx

Dear Milanese Gal, oh good it's working! I will keep the cashmere on for now. Good to meet you xx

Dear Dvora, I'm not good with tons of layers, I tend to stick to something silly with a big coat as a rule.

Oh yes, Ann needs to go, it's getting beyond a joke!

I'm a member of Lovefilm, I've had two DVD's from them that I still haven't watched three months later. Oops! xx

Dear Simone, I totally agree. I wish they'd vote Ann out. It just gets funnier and funnier with Craig's comments.

Can't believe there's STILL no snow! xx

Missy Vintage said...

I have just discovered your fabtastic blog via the wonderful Helga. I'm so glad I did. What fabulous vintage images. I am insanely jealous that you have such wonderous pieces of art on your door step. What a talent. The shell walls are completely gorgeous. Those egg cups are just to die for. Thanks for sharing